Eggo My LEGO & Draw-Empowering Students Through Art – Funded!

From on March 7, 2016

Mrs. Green


Grades PreK-2

High Poverty


Mrs. Green posted an update and shared photos


Thank you for being a part of the wonderful transformation of my classroom. Some of the students are shunned by peers and staff because of their extreme behavior. We are already using them to learn sharing skills and cooperation by working together with these special new resources. Their eyes popped out of their heads when they saw such amazing Legos. Some of the students that might refuse to do math, are all of a sudden motivated to use these math Legos. I look forward to using the Story Tales to learn about parts of a story and then writing about it.

You have helped support public education which is in dire need of financial and emotional support and we appreciate this from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our busy fingers. Please know that your donation will impact current and future students for years to come.

A special shoutout to the Anonymous Donor match, Craig Newmark, Kindergarten Rocks and We truly appreciate your generosity and support.

Well, I have to go, “there is work to be done” with these hands on fun resources. please consider choosing me as a favorite teacher so that you can follow the classrooms’ progress

With gratitude,
Mrs. Green

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