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Turn used oil into CLEAN fuel that POWERS local commerce.

Arrange a FREE pick up today and recycle your grease and unwanted cooking oil into local, sustainable, and a clean burning fuel for your customers will thank you for. To recycle your used cooking oil, call Stephan at 919-438-BioD (2463) or email us at Help keep our dollars local and our communities clean!

We’ll dispose your oil the legal way to keep your business out of TROUBLE with the LAW.

Some restaurants risk getting heavy fines or even shut down when they dispose of their oil illegally, dumping it in garbage or down the drain. There’s a much safer, easier, and profitable way to get rid of of grease and oil.

Your solution: Allow us 
to RECYCLE your waste oil for FREE and turn it into clean burning Biodiesel! It’s better for the environment, saves tax-payer dollars, and contributes to a homegrown fuel economy. Biodiesel is a win-win-win for everyone.

YOUR BONUS: Arrange a pick-up today and we’ll promote your business!

As a bonus for recycling your grease for good, we’ll advertise your business through our, upcoming website, Facebook, Twitter with your logo, contact info, links to your website.

AND, you’ll receive signage and decals to show proof to your customers that you support the community, environment, and clean burning fuels. Attract new customers who want to spend their dollars on socially responsible brands!

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Green Circle will collect your used cooking oil directly from your site on a schedule that works for you. New customers are provided with a covered waste-oil recycling container (and pallet if necessary). We promise you prompt customer service and response times.

Pickups can be scheduled anytime Monday through Saturday, 8am – 4pm, except on holidays and inclement weather. If you have no preference for a pickup time, we may schedule your pickup to accommodate a more efficient route.

We recycle most types of oil, but please try to minimize water and food matter in the oil. Preferred oils are:

  • peanut
  • soybean
  • safflower
  • sunflower seed
  • canola
  • cottonseed
  • and corn or rice bran

Hydrogenated oils or lard are least preferred due to their solidity in cold weather.

Grease Traps

We also service grease traps with the help of our friends at Lyons Grease Trap Services and Cannon’s Grease Trap Services! Give us a call and we will get you set up. Contact us

Green Circle NC is a new innovative waste cooking oil recycling company with deep roots in Eastern North Carolina. We work with local school systems to provide a cleaner-burning, locally-made biodiesel for their school bus fleet.


Meet Our CEO:

SCStephan Caldwell combines more than six years of advertising and marketing experience with a strong passion and knowledge of the biodiesel industry – both as an entrepreneur and as a long-standing consumer. He is also a big fan of the mighty diesel engine and diesel tuning.
• Founder + CEO, Green Circle NC (2011-Present)
• Founder + CEO, Atta-Boy Transportation Services (2010-2011): Green car transportation service focused on using biodiesel
• Art Director and Graphic Designer (2005-2012): Capstrat, MSA (Market Smart Advertising), Ogilvy, Vialink Corp., RBW
• Piedmont Biofuels Coop Member (2007-present) and Board Member (2011-2013)
• B.S. in Marketing and Management (UNCW), Biofuels program (CCCC), Art Direction degree (The Creative Circus advertising and design school), Web Masters program (NCSU)

Contact Steph at // 919.438.BioD // @GreenCircleNC



We believe Biodiesel will help our state and country become more self-sufficient. That way we don’t have to rely on other countries for fuel and will be less vulnerable. We know the use of Biodiesel will provide Americans more jobs, reduce emissions and help our vehicles last longer through better efficiency. Most importantly we believe Biodiesel is best for the future of our children who will inherit our planet.


Biodiesel will also allow us to have a fuel that is Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Non-Flammable and actually smells good out of the exhaust pipe! Smells like french fries! Mmmmmm.


In the near future we will be partnering with local farmers to help supply them with fuel and help them in growing oil producing crops. This will provide them a new market for food oil crops and non-food oil crops.

Please help us with our cause and at the same time give your business a STRONG LOCAL PRESENCE that you and your customers can be PROUD of.

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